first class
- premium experience

First Class – Mercedes S-Class

The First Class Mercedes sedan is a Luxury Sedan – delivering a premium experience, it’s not just about reaching your destination, but traveling with class.

S-Class premium amenities

Premium leather interior in the backseat of First Class Mercedes S-Class
First class Mercedes S-Class side view

At least Mercedes S-Class

We always offer at least S-Class when you travel in first class. We also offer several different types of limousines, see our selection here.

Book your premium car with us

Make your premium booking and get your own private driver. Our goal is to make your trip comfortable, discreet, safe and on time. Service and quality at the highest level – at the right price.

Our drivers are experienced and trained to work around your schedule & any changes to your agenda and deliver an experience equal to premium. We make sure you get from one meeting to another in good time.

Time to book?

Make your booking quick and easy through our booking application or download our booking app Limhamns Hyrverk on Google Play or Appstore.

First Class – Mercedes EQS

Lyx Sedan – As always, it´s not about getting there, but traveling in style

First Class Mercedes EQS interior backseat
First class Mercedes EQS front view

First Class Mercedes EQS - full electric car with premium amenities

More models in our fleet

Mercedes E-Class

The E-Class isn't available with extra legroom as in the S-Class and S90L, which are long models, but you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. E-class gives you everything and more….

Mercedes Vito & V-Class

For our larger groups, we have two exclusive choices. Mercedes V-Class and Mercedes Vito. Both are very nice options, but if you choose the V-Class, you get that extra feeling of first class.

Economy - Random car

Our economy class means that we can send any taxi that has an agreement with us. There is always room for up to 4 passengers and luggage.

Do you need help`

Get in touch! Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we take you safely, comfortably and elegantly from your home or office directly to your destination.

Get 50 SEK discount on your booking!

- ONLY APPLIES TO BUSINESS CLASS - TO/FROM STURUP and KASTRUP. Just enter the discount code in the app or when you make your booking online.

Discount code:

50 APP

Can not be combined with other deals or offers.

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