Our fleet will always meet your needs.

Dedication, passion and great customer service are what makes the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to survive. We have been investing all our passion in the corporate services since 1974.

Our fleet will always meet your needs

Our latest models of Sedans, luxury vans are all equipped to meet our corporate limo transportation clients’ needs and help their business prosper. We use only the industry’s new standard for corporate black car services, and we continually improve our selection of sedans, and luxury vans to suit the tastes of our guests. All our vehicles are equipped with cell phone chargers, keeping you in contact with clients and colleagues wherever you travel with Limhamns Hyrverk.

Lifetime accounts and extreme filters

We at Limhamns Hyrverk are very selective when it comes to adding a new member to our corporate transportation fleet. The looks on the outside of any car model or brand are not enough for a great customer service experience and we know that.

Clients comfort enhanced!

This is why at Limahmsn Hyrverk we think about our clients’ comfort when choosing a new car. Car amenities, details, legroom, entertainment systems, and climate control are a few aspects we take into consideration when we add a new car to our fleet.

Mobile reservations using the latest technology

Limhamns Hyrverk´s reservations and dispatch departments use the latest apps and technologies to make sure your chauffeur will be at the pickup address in time for the pickup time, no matter the rush hour, sudden delays or last-minute flights you might have to catch.

Our staff is professionally trained to adjust and accommodate any itinerary changes. We are tracking flights and trains and we will know exactly when yours will land or depart, we are using special apps to avoid traffic jams or go around accidents, roadwork areas, and street closures. Your chauffeur will be in permanent connection with our dispatch department and everything will go as smooth as possible. You will not have to worry about anything. We are here for you, with our corporate transportation fleet and exceptionally trained chauffeurs, to provide you with the ultimate transportation experience that only Limhamns Hyrverk can deliver.

Choose to book your car service on limhamnshyrverk.se or call our office and talk to one of our reservations representative at any time. Our chauffeurs will take you to your destination in time, in style, and most important, safely.