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Limousine Service – you are worth it!

“Experience our Mercedes S-Class Long.”

”Mercedes S-Class is one of the most popular cars in modern time used by business men all over the world that enjoy the leather, the smell of luxury and the quiet atmosphere riding to your destination, book our Mercedes S-Class and experience why S-Class is the Nr 1 All Time Limousine”

Limhamns Hyrverk Driver

“Experience our Mercedes E-Class.”

”Not the S-Class but you wont be disappointed. E-Class will give you everything and then more….”

Limhamns Hyrverk Driver

“Experience our Audi A8 Long.”

”Audi A8 L is a popular choice among our business customers”

Limhamns Hyrverk Driver

“For larger groups we have two choices. Mercedes Ambient of Mercedes Vito. Both are very comfortable but our Ambient offers the extra First Class feeling.”

Limhamns Hyrverk Driver

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